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AltaGas - Forrest Kerr Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project

BAT Construction Ltd. performed Slope Stabilization processes, such as rock bolting, curtain grouting, screening and shotcrete at the 195MW Forrest Kerr Run-of-River hydroelectric project located on the Iskut River in British Columbia, approximately 1,000km north-west of Vancouver, Canada. 

The Forrest Kerr project is a unique Hydroelectric Run Of River Project.  Instead of damming the entire river and impounding the water to create Hydroelectric power, Forrest Kerr consists of a diversion weir that channelled a portion of Forrest Kerr Creek where it met the Iskut River, through a tunnel where it passes through turbines to produce electricity before it is returned to the river.  The project required approximately 250m³ of water per second to be diverted into the intake and tunnel structure.

With a tight construction location, remote access (6 hours from the closest community), water management issues and snow conditions, BAT Construction Ltd. embraced the ardent tasks.

On this project, our first priority was to work in conjunction with the Drill and Blasting crews and use the rock faces they created to install Anchor Retaining Systems using rock anchors around the high wall above the portal opening.  In the areas where there were no benches, our scaling crews with their drills went over the edge to get the job done.

The next phase was to install the Mesh Protection System.  This mesh served 2 purposes.  The first was protecting crews working at the base of the pre-sheer wall from random falling rocks, and, it also served as the base framework for the Shotcrete portion of the contract.

This project spanned 2 years for BAT Construction Ltd.  It was completed on time and on budget with zero incidents.