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Rope Access Solutions

Rope Access Solutions |   Working at Heights - Inspections, Service & Maintenance

Rope Access Technologies


Rope Access Systems are a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from a work position.

BAT Construction's ticketed Rope Access Teams (BRAT) use Rope Access Systems that are safe and cost-effective systems of gaining access to a project location that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Rope access systems facilitate crews and associated equipment to perform various tasks at any vertical or limited access work locations. We provide a proven, safe and reliable support system while working.



The advantage of using Rope Access Systems lies in the safety, speed and efficiency with which crews can get to or from difficult locations. Rope Access Systems allow BRAT to safely and efficiently carry out their tasks with minimal impact on other operations in the surrounding area.



Rope Access is often the only viable means of accessing the inaccessible. BRAT can climb, descend and move horizontally, all with a minimum amount of gear. Rope technicians work safely and effectively in the most difficult to reach locations.



BRAT can be deployed in a fraction of the time required for traditional scaffolding, without the additional expenses or creating congestion above or below a work area. BRAT is capable of performing initial surveys, collect detailed inspection data and perform maintenance tasks. The same team can often facilitate repairs on discovery items within the same mobilization, significantly reducing the impact on shutdown schedules.



Rope Access generates cost savings in many ways such as eliminating scaffolding and an overall reduction of the total project man-hours.  BRAT systems are lightweight and portable making them easy and efficient to set up. BRAT offers a much less cumbersome alternative to having to mobilize heavy equipment, machinery and the men to deliver, set up and operate it.




Services and Solutions


BRAT management offers in-depth consultation and cost analysis to ensure safe, cost-effective and efficient solutions for your projects requirements.

BRAT is one division of BAT Construction Ltd., a Kamloops, BC based operation that offer a wide range of work at height services ranging from cleaning and maintenance to construction and inspection. Our highly skilled technicians are professionally trained in a vast variety of sectors from confined space entry, inspecting, mechanical repairs, insulating and welding, to tree-surgery, stonework and more.

Rope Access allows BRAT to plan, manage and efficiently carry out the work with minimal disturbance to other workers and no damage to property or harm to the environment, including:



Curtain Walling, Cladding, Glazing Solutions, Steel Erection, Sign and Banner installation, Netting, Pest Control Solutions, Fall-Arrest Systems, Eyebolt Installation



Facade Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Cleaning at Height, Inspection, Concrete Repairs, Pointing, Blasting & Painting, Glazing, Mastic and Sealants, Protective Coatings



Rigging & Lifting, Bridge Inspections, Installations, Maintenance Commercial: Window Cleaning at Height, Facade Maintenance, Facade Access Systems,



Blasting, Spraying, Welding, Pipe-fitting, Painting, Derrick Building, Flare Stack Erection & Maintenance, Rigging & Lifting



Wind Turbines, Inspection, Maintenance Rescue & Safety. Level 3 Safety Supervision, Safety & Rescue Cover



Visual Inspection & Surveying, Photography, Material Sampling, Safety Checks.



Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, Ductworks, Confined Space Entry & Rescue




Safe Work Procedures


The primary goal is to carry out all tasks with optimal safety in front of mind.  To ensure safe, effective and efficient project execution, BRAT carefully plans and documents risk assessment procedures for each individual project.



Wherever BRAT is deployed, you are guaranteed that a self-rescue plan and procedure is developed and in place to ensure all personnel is capable of performing a rescue on themselves or any other BRAT member. This allows BRAT to be fully independent in the event a rescue situation occurs. Risk exposure is reduced through the deployment of small crews with high levels of training specifically tailored to perform work at height



BRAT has an exemplary safety record. Each rope access technician receives specialized rescue training and is assessed for safety and competence. Our teams work in accordance with tough industry standards and take a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk management to produce a safe and compliant system for work at height.



BRAT tasks are performed in compliance with local legislation, SPRAT’s Safe Practices for Rope Access Work and company rope access procedures.  This ensures the highest standard of efficiency and safety. All equipment is purposefully selected and inspected to guarantee an exemplary level of reliability and efficiency.



BAT Construction Ltd. is a proud member of SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians). BRAT technicians operate under the SPRAT Safe Practices for Rope Access work and BAT Construction Ltd. own Rope Access Program.  The combination of the practices guarantees maximum safety standards to our rope access operations.




Our BRAT Supervisors are certified by Sprat or IRATA, highly qualified, with relevant work experience.  BRAT understands the importance of having a clear line of communication between technicians, management and the client.  This line of communication is established prior to dispatch, which allows BRAT to have access to all required information for the successful completion of that day’s tasks.



All rope access technicians are Certified under IRATA or Sprat and have been selected by their relevant work experience for the task.



Our rope access program relies on a SAFETY-FIRST mentality. In-depth risk assessment and hazard mitigation are our most important job planning tasks. A self-rescue plan will always be established in combination with our working at heights plan. All equipment is chosen to optimize our ability to perform innovative and efficient rope access solutions Which results in BAT Construction Ltd. reducing the cost of your operations, compared to other means of access.



BRAT personnel are a team of dedicated and highly skilled personnel, having accumulated a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in this field.  With this experience and our professional knowledge, our clients can be sure that they will get the job done safely, efficiently and successfully.






High Angle Rock Scaling:

Scaling / High Angle Rock Scaling: BAT Construction Ltd. has highly trained, certified personnel who offer high angle rope access scaling to rock cuts in order to maintain safety on highways, railways, mining benches and residential/civil excavations using blasting, air bags, power jacks and bars.  BAT Construction Ltd. also has an emergency response team who have the ability to rapidly mobilize, access and clear rail and highway rockslides.


                                   AltaGas-Forrest Kerr Run-of-River

RA Drilling

Rope Access Drilling: The process of using Rope Access Technologies to move men and equipment to difficult to access locations.  Here are some BAT crews in South East British Columbia.

RA rockfall mitigation

Using Rope Access to install and maintain Rockfall Mitigation, Mesh Installations, Catchment Systems and Debris flow Barriers.

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Rope Access is a quick and efficient way to perform maintenance on difficult access infrastructure, such as towers, tunnels, bridges and some confined spaces.


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Rope Access Drilling for Rock Fall Attenuator 3 Valley Gap MOTI