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BAT Construction Ltd. takes SAFETY SERIOUSLY!


BAT Crews in their Safety Cover AllsAll throughout our operations, there is no higher priority than Safety! 

Worksite safety is based on systems put in place to control the hazardous conditions and actions in the work place. This is accomplished by use of qualified IRATA Level 3 trained management and workers informed through in house training and safety programs that focus on hazard assessment and development of controls. All crews are trained in the safe work practices and procedures for the type of work being performed, whether it be "RULES for Railwork", following the site specific Rope Access Plan, training of workers to the work being performed and close supervision of the worker until they are considered qualified to do the task. 

BAT Construction Ltd. utilizes workplace inspections performed at intervals determined by the level of risk of the work and the experience levels of the workers involved. These safety inspections are used by supervision to maintain high levels of awareness, and are performed with members of the Joint Health & Safety committee. 


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Our commitment to high safety standards, continual development and training of our personnel, and our commitment to our customers have continued working relationships with our clients for years, and sometimes decades.  We are proud of our safety record and find it is the best policy to bring each and every one of our workers home safely every night AND provide a cost-effective service to our clients.  BAT Construction Ltd. has over 30+ years of Safe, reliable, and reputable service. We welcome you to CONTACT US today






BAT Construction Ltd. is a proud member of these organizations:


                           Avetta Membership      ISNET World Membership   BC Construction Membership       Forest Safe Membership        Spratt Membership





CN/CP Rules and E-RAIL SAFE CANADA  Certified




BAT Construction received AGHP 2020 Rope Access Safety Award
BAT Construction received AGHP 2020 Rope Access Safety Award