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Horizontal Drain Hole Drilling

HDH / Long Hole Drilling:

HDH / Horizontal Long Hole Drilling / Horizontal Pit Drains : HDH Drilling is drilling technique that allows for the reduction of pressure on a slope wall.  Typically, Horizontal & Vertical drilling processes are used in open pit mining dewatering.  These inclined pit drains are drilled by our custom Mirage drills and highly trained staff can provide complete horizontal pit drains, and wall depressurization solutions.


HDH Inclined Pit Drain Drilling

Drilling cased and perforated holes,  uncased, PVC lined, or a combination of all provides a dramatic increase in ground stability. Our proven results and ability to meet strict production deadlines will keep your project on track. All stages of groundwater reduction through the placement of free-draining, horizontal drain holes can be safely completed from casing, drilling, perforating, installing PVC, grouting, all surface pipe installations, sump construction and linings.

HDH holes of various diameters can be drilled to depths of 500m. BAT Construction Ltd. is the leader when it comes to complete groundwater management services.




Horizontal Long Hole DrillingHorizontal Drain Hole Drilling

Horizontal Pit Drains