Remote Access Construction |  Anywhere, done right.

Remote Access Construction

Remote Access Construction |  Anywhere, done right.

Remote Access Construction:

Remote Access Construction: BAT Construction Ltd. commonly uses helicopter and rail access to some of the toughest, most remote sites that the Americas have to offer.  In these remote and unique construction projects, we quite often are installing debris barriers, communication masts, gas-ex avalanche cannons and remote monitoring systems.

Remote Access fly in only

We have accessed some of the most remote sites in the world.  From the centre of the Northern Canadian tundra, where there are only ice roads in the winter and fly in only in the summer, to remote valleys and gorges in Peru, we have the experience, the equipment and the know how to get even the toughest jobs done.

Drilling RA

We have a fleet of drills that are powerful and compact enough for remote access and difficult access drilling. We are always up to these challenges.

HeliPad Construction

Many of our remote access sites require HeliPad Construction.  Creating a safe landing zone, with the proper structural design and size requirements is crucial for most Remote Access construction projects.

Remote Access Flying Nets in a valley gorge

Working on the top of and avalanche chute in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, all crews, equipment and supplied needed to be choppered in.  Here is a chopper flying in some Mesh Systems being used for avalanche and rock control.

Remote Access Crews and Equipment chopper into location in Newfoundland

Travelling to a remote section of the East Coast, our crews and equipment needed to be choppered into this remote drilling and anchor project in Newfoundland.

Remote Access manitoba in the middle of winter

On the southern border of Manitoba, in the dead of winter, our crews and equipment crossed the country for this Micropiles project 2 hours away south of Steinbach, MB.

Remote Access with Hi-Rail equipment

BAT Construction Ltd. has a full fleet of Hi-Rail equipment with allows us to access remote rail areas for construction and maintenance.