Sustainability | Simple shifts moves us towards a greener future

Sustainability | Simple shifts moves us towards a greener future



Although much of the current sustainability platform is designed specifically for commercial construction, BAT Construction Ltd. has adopted many of the same principles and applied them to our business model.


As a leader in our field, it is imperative that BAT Construction Ltd. be the example, and constantly review our “Triple Bottom Line”, which, in turn provides Environmental, Social and Economic accountability. As a result we are able to  promote a greater level of satisfaction for the company, the employees and the projects owner.


In consideration of Sustainability Models, BAT Constructions primary focuses are:

           Labour Retention and Safety                         (Economic / Social / Environmental)

           Procurement and Transport                           (Economic / Environmental)

           Energy use                                                     (Economic / Environmental)

           Land use                                                        (Economic / Environmental)

           Recycling                                                        (Economic / Environmental)

           Wildlife Protection                                           (Economic / Social / Environmental)

           Maintenance / Repair / Refurbishing Impact   (Economic / Environmental)


Simple shift such as bulk buying/transport, using existing facilities for staging and site access, in house training and recruiting locally are just a few of the procedures that BAT uses to be responsible business stewards.


BAT Construction Ltd. site management is constantly monitoring, measuring and evaluating the total projects energy impact with a final goal of constant and consistent improvement in the overall impact to the site and to the environment.